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So long and thanks for all the rides

July 21st, 2009 · 1 Comment · "strolli rider", bike, finance

In an attempt to stem the gushing torrent of money that is flowing out of our coffers in the run up to the wedding, I have started a new policy of selling one thing a week on eBay.

This set me to thinking that as I say goodbye to some of these items, I should point out just how good they were lest anyone else would want to buy them.

Weeride Carrier

(I’ve sold this already and its recipient was very pleased with it I understand.)

Let an excerpt from my eBay spiel do the talking.

This Weeride carrier is ideal as a first child seat as it mounts in front of the adult, meaning that communication with the child is much easier, the child has a better view and you can see what they are doing at all times.

Once the mounting bar is fitted, the seat mounts onto it using a single thumb-screw bolt, so it can be easily mounted and unmounted in seconds.

I used this carrier occasionally over two summers (would probably have used it much more if we’d had better weather!) and I can honestly say that it was loved by parent and child alike. (Not to mention the smiles it brought to many a passer-by.)

And you know this is true because I blogged as much 2 years ago this month.

So a hearty recommendation if you are looking for a first child seat.

Strolli Rider


Again I’ll give you my eBay pitch.

This Bibi Strolli Rider is is a great alternative to a conventional buggy board. Kids love it and adults will appreciate its ease of use.

It saw relatively little use with us because it did not fit our main buggy (a 2005 Urban Detour) due to the angles of the buggy frame.

Unlike buggy boards, the rider is next to the adult, not between the adult and buggy, allowing the adult to push the buggy more normally.
Minimal width means doors can still be easily navigated (unlike a double stroller).
Foot and hand-rests are adjustable in height as your child grows.
Quick release lever and bolt makes attaching and detaching easy.
Fits oval, square and round tubes.
Suitable for children from 15 months old and up to 20Kg. (Personally I did not start my son on this until he was 18 months old as the design does not include a seat belt.)

The picture above shows the Strolli Rider I am auctioning here being used by my then 18 month old son. (Buggy not included!)

Although we didn’t use it that often because we preferred our main buggy to the one this fitted, it was great fun, very eye-catching and Oliver loved it.

So there you have it. My two recommendations.


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