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New nursery – Day 2

September 16th, 2009 · 10 Comments · nursery, oliver

I took the little man to his second day at his new nursery today. As the time approached for me to take him, we discovered we didn’t have enough car seats for me to take him to nursery and for Hayley to do her school runs. So I took him on his bike. It’s not an ideal place for him to get to on his bike, as some of the pavements are a little on the narrow side for my liking. But I shepherded him along the way and there were plenty of lollipop men along the way to help us cross the roads. And of course I was proud of him for riding to nursery.

Oliver and I had already talked about me staying with him to play for a little while this morning and then leaving. And that’s exactly how it panned out. Just like yesterday, after a short inspection of the astronaut characters he headed directly to the garden and onto a trike. His new friend Billie was there and he quickly started to play with him and a few others.

When he didn’t re-appear from behind the trees on his trike to where I was chatting to Billie’s Mum, I went to see whether the time had come for me to leave. When I mentioned to him I might go and that Mummy would be coming after snack-time he just said “OK Daddy” and started to run off to play. Wanting to say goodbye properly and to be sure he understood, I called him back for a kiss and said goodbye to him. Again, off he went without a care in the world. Result!

I found out later that they sang Happy Birthday to him at snack-time and let him choose a birthday present. He also got to give out cake to the children with another little girl whose birthday they also celebrated today. What a great start to his new nursery life.

As with his old nursery, some things don’t change. Trying to get meaningful information out of him about his day is still as hard. Let’s hope the staff can help us out a little on that score.

The ony down-side about today was that I had to walk home carrying his bike and was made more late when I discovered Hayley’s car was dead. A very small price to pay for such a positive start to my day.


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