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The Total Twos

March 5th, 2010 · 6 Comments · bedtime, books, lucy, nappies, reading, tantrums, Uncategorized

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Two year olds get a rotten press. “The Terrible Twos” they say. “Oh you’re in for it now”, they say.


I prefer to call them the “Total Twos”. Because for all the wailing and screaming and throwing themselves on the floor, two year olds can also be the most loving and funny and joyful and downright enthusiastic little people on the planet.

  • Two year olds will sit and read books on your lap for longer than you go without a pee.
  • Two year olds will bring you course after course of plastic food, presenting each as if made by a Michelin starred chef. They will also expect you to eat it.
  • Two year olds will pee in a potty and bring it to show you.
  • Two year olds will be naughty in such a cute way that it is hard to keep a straight face when you need to admonish them.
  • Two year olds will answer the question “Are you the cutest thing in the whole world” with an unhesitating “Yes”.
  • Two year olds will give you a homecoming welcome at the end of each day as if they haven’t seen you for months.
  • And for all their independence during the day, as bedtime approaches, two year olds will curl up with you and cuddle in like they are a baby again.

So the next time someone tries to frighten you with the prospect of “the terrible twos”,  just smile and remember it’s not all bad news.


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