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In Through The Out Door?

March 24th, 2010 · 2 Comments · alcohol, art, music, reflections, spirituality

It’s amazing how much good stuff you get to hear if you listen to the radio in the shower. Last weekend it was former punk rocker Hugh Cornwell, once of The Stranglers, who was expounding the virtues of his modern art collection.

It was bad enough when Johnny Rotten started advertising butter, but walking through your own private art gallery waxing lyrical about your purchases must surely be about as anti-punk and sold-out as you can get. Not that anyone I knew ever really thought the Stranglers were genuine punks, more bandwagon jumpers. Don’t get me wrong I loved them, aped them through the music of my own bands and went to see them play live many times. But you always got the feeling this is how it might end up.

So I’m in the shower and Mr Cornwell is telling us all about how he likes to stare at a work of art trying to escape himself. He reflects that this escapism is a similar venture to being a musician in a band.  It was then that it struck me that all through my twenties I too was probably enjoying the experience of escaping myself through writing and performing music. The consumption of a few alcoholic drinks also probably contributed to this escapological adventure if I’m honest.

But now I find I seek quite the opposite. I am more interested in remaining sober (in every sense) and peering inward. Perhaps growing up, growing older brings with it more self-confidence and a desire to look within for answers rather than without. At its deepest it is an attempt to find oneself, a spiritualistic search for the inner self. Put less profoundly, we are happy in our own skins and are trying to enjoy every minute of living in them.

Is it an age thing? Does it come of having children and being a part of what it is to “be” and to pass on some of that being to another person?

The young man must always seek out adventure, look without for greater goals, dismiss the old man’s words of wisdom as he tells him that ultimately the answers to life’s questions lie in bouncing your baby upon your knee.

So am I right in thinking that with age comes a degree of introspection? Or do skydiving grannies and octogenarian would-be rock stars put paid to my argument?

Which way are you looking: within or without?


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  • Whit

    Interesting. I know that I definitely spend a lot of time staring out the window and thinking about my life in a way I never could have comprehended 10yrs ago, but I don't know if it's a result of age or fatherhood. I suppose a bit of both.

    And I'd be happy to shill butter for a few bucks on the radio.
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    • Steve

      I wish I could get more time to stare out of the window. Reflective time is at a premium around here right now.

      And my horror regarding the butter ad is entirely mock. I'm rather amused by the idea of ex-punks rehabilitated as self-deprecating advertising celebrities.

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