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Good Friday 2010

April 2nd, 2010 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized


It is a Good Friday tradition where I come from to walk up Rivington Pike and touch all four sides of the stone tower at the top. You could say that Oliver first did it when still a bump. We’ve made ths pilgrimage most years since then with varying degrees of success.

This year, as Lucy is still on medication after her breathing problems, Oliver and I made the trip without his sister or his Mummy. Instead we were joined by my friend Dave and his family, including their son Lewis who is the same age as Oliver and whose company Oliver always seems to enjoy.

We hiked up from the highest car park (let’s be reasonable here), occasionally carrying our sons on our shoulders on the flat, but they walked for themselves on the inclines. I was very proud of the little man who could best be described as ‘slow but steady’!

We made it to the top where it was quite windy, so after touching all four sides of the tower, we headed down to the stalls and the single fairground ride ( a poor show this year, probably due to the forecast of rain!) where Oliver had a hot-dog. Lewis and his sister had a go on the tea-cups ride before we all headed back down to the warmth of our cars and the journey home.

It only took a couple of hours to complete the hike, but it gave us all a good bit of exercise and plenty of laughs along the way, especially when both boys were carried on our shoulders and urged us to chase each other!

I’m already looking forward to going again next year, but hopefully with Hayley and Lucy in tow too!

There are more pictures from the walk here.

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