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A Big Girl’s Bed

May 3rd, 2010 · 10 Comments · bedtime, lucy, nappies, oliver, sleep, video

Lucy's "new" bed

Hayley has been thinking that much of Lucy’s wakefulness at night could be down to her banging into the bars of her cot. So today we took the plunge and turned her cot-bed from a cot to a bed. In case you’re thinking at this point “surely she will now just fall out of bed”, we did add a guard on one side which is much softer than the wooden bars. And on the other side where there is a wall we have used an old cot-bed mattress as cushioning.

She’s been in our bed every night since our scare over croup earlier in the week (with Hayley every night but last night, when Hayley was out and it was my turn to share with her). In fact she’s been getting rather comfortable in our bed! So we prepared for this big event by explaining how she was getting a special “big girl’s bed” without the bars and that it would be a Peppa Pig bed. In fact, rather than buy a whole new Peppa themed bed which she’ll no doubt move on from sooner than we’d like, I just bought new Peppa Pig bedding and a few Peppa accessories to update her existing cot-bed, including a bed-side night-light/torch and a big Peppa to go to bed with her. Pity it turned out that it talks. Silent night? I don’t think so!

When we revealed her bed to her she was thrilled.

When it came time to go to bed she happily got into it. Sadly she also happily got out of it about 30 seconds later and repeated this trick for some time. On one escape I heard the pitter patter of feet and by the time I got up to her I found her sitting on the loo with her discarded nappy on the floor beside her. She had a big grin on her face. Even though I was tiring of the cycle of putting her back to bed, I had to hide behind the door. Her cute mischievous smile as she sat there on the loo knowing she was being naughty, just made me laugh despite myself.

Eventually I took Peppa away. “Peppa doesn’t want to sleep with you because you are being naughty and are keeping her awake”. I’m cruel, I know. But after a few minutes of her crying without getting out of bed, Peppa agreed to return. And after that all has been quiet, even though it took her a while to get to sleep Which was my own fault for letting her nap for the best part of an hour today).

Of course it’s not quite 10pm here, so the acid test is yet to come. Poor old Peppa could be packing her bags again before the story is over.


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