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Long time, no see

May 8th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized


Last night I went out for a few drinks with colleagues. Well, mostly ex-colleagues actually. In fact we had all worked together back in the late 1980s. It was an excellent evening, just chatting around a table, drinking a few beers.

Was there anything remarkable in this? Well, perhaps the fact that no-one seemed to have changed that much. Sure, we are all probably a bit more mellow now, being 40+ rather than 20+, but other than that, the same senses of humour were on display prompting the same laughter to echo  around the room.

Work-wise, some are running their own companies, some have moved up into management, others have stayed closer to their initial interests closer to the coal-face. In fact it was interesting to see just how many of us had done the latter (including others not present but discussed), or were battling to still do so while maintaining a level of income to support a family.

Talking of families, it’s funny how different their stages of development are. There I am with two pre-schoolers, while another colleague was wondering whether to crash in son’s flat or get a lift home from his other son. But whatever the ages of our families, I think it does us all some good to maintain these connections. Men are not nearly as good at social networking as women, but we benefit from making the effort perhaps just as much.

Every Christmas we have a re-union which only a few manage to attend, so this year we vowed to meet more often and spread the net more widely. I think last night’s gathering was an excellent start.


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