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The Evolution of Dad

May 11th, 2010 · No Comments · Uncategorized


I don’t remember when or how exactly I came across the Evolution of Dad movie project, but from the day I found it and saw the short film its maker Dana H. Glazer made along the way, I followed its progress with a keen interest via its blog. Last week I was lucky enough to be allowed to preview the full film ahead of its official release. So did it live up to my expectations?

I thought I knew what to expect after all this time, but this movie moved me and made me take a hard look at myself in a way I hadn’t anticipated. Focusing understandably on American Dads, the issues are nonetheless applicable to western societies generally and even beyond. There are Stay At Home Dads, working Dads, divorced Dads, Dads fighting for their rights… it is a fascinating journey into what it means to be a Dad in the 21st century and offers clues to how the role may further evolve when our own kids become parents.

Hayley and I found the opening sequence (which is available to view on the Evolution of Dad site) particularly moving, not least because it touched on losing your father, an experience Hayley went through not so long ago. In fact we were both in tears before we were 5 minutes into the film.

The other truly thought-provoking moment for me came when one Dad asked whether fathers really are doing all they can to explore more flexible ways of working, of finding a role that would allow them to regain that quality time they say they want with their kids. This really hit a chord with me. I realised I would love to have a different working arrangement but had always dismissed it as impossible. But maybe I’m really not trying hard enough. I don’t have a ready answer to it, but it made me realise I had been answering it too readily.

The film is released on DVD on May 18th, but is available to pre-order at a reduced price until the end of May 15th. I recommend it, not just because it promotes the rights of fathers, but for the insight and inspiration it provides. Oh and you’ll enjoy it!

By the way, that first photo over the credits at the end, that’s me and my Dad. Thanks Dana, I’m proud to be a tiny part of the project.


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