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New order

June 11th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Fatherhood Friday, house, play, toys

The messy room (before it got completely out of hand)

We have a room. A playroom. It is known to us as the “messy room”. Originally this was because it was the room designated for messy play involving paints, sand, water, play-dough or quite possibly all of the above if the kids had their way.

However in recent times you would be forgiven for thinking it gained its title because, well, it was just plain messy. The number of boxes to contain all the toys and activities had grown and the things they held were bursting out of them. Lids lay lonely besides boxes upon which they once fitted snugly. And slowly but surely toys migrated and mingled from box to box until there was just a sea of toys that even my eagle eyed son had trouble keeping track of.

In short, where once there was order, there was chaos.

But no more. Thanks to the wonder that is Trofast storage from Ikea, the toys and other resources are now stored in splendidly ordered crates that fill one wall  of the playroom. The kids can find what they want and – here’s the good bit – we can put stuff such as paints and scissors well out of reach and also cycle the boxes they have access to, to keep things interesting for them.

And in case you are worrying about them dragging in a chair to get a box half way up the rack, the whole arrangement is secured very firmly to the wall.

But I am not mentioning this to gloat about my DIY skills. I am mentioning it to gloat about the DIY skills of my daughter. Yes I enlisted my 2 year old daughter as my slave assistant to assemble the furniture. In fact she was adamant she wanted to help. She had already helped me assemble two of these units before Hayley shot this video. (Apologies for the loud TV in the background but regular readers will understand why.)

As you might have gathered, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this task with my little helper. (How cute was that high five!)

This afternoon I got home from work to find that Hayley had completed much of the painstaking task of migrating the jumble of toys from their old boxes on the floor to their new logically organised homes on the wall. I give you the finished product: ta daaaa!

Play room

I’d almost forgotten what colour that carpet was.

Now I wonder how long will it stay looking this good…?!

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  • Functional Father

    First – very cute that you got your daughter to help assemble the shelving.

    Second – I'm jealous of your organized playroom and you've inspired me to go to Ikea to get this exact setup. As I type this, I'm sitting in our office/playroom, although it has slowly become more of a playroom than an office.
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  • Whit

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it was messy again by the time you published this post. I'm basing this solely on personal experience, mind you.

    • Steve

      It turned out that we still needed more storage so I put up another two of these units in my son's room. That's prevented the slide back into chaos…. for now.

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