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That ain’t workin’ (that’s the way to do it)

July 16th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

I work full-time but finish at lunchtime on a Friday. My wife works part-time but since she started doing her Kiddipops parties they have kept her busy about every other weekend.  So today when I came home my wife and I passed like ships in the night early afternoon as she went to manage 38 excitable under-5s, leaving me with two of my own.

I thought about taking them out, but we soon had such fun playing with cars and trains that I decided  we should stay home. As a result I got some real quality time with my kids, building towers, reading books and playing that fishing game where you have to hook a wobbling bug with a spider magnet: great fun!

My point? Well only that although we all know that looking after kids can be hard work at times (he writes, thinking of a screaming two year old refusing to move as you stand laden with bags of shopping in the rain), this afternoon served as a reminder to me that fulfilling my part of the weekend working bargain can be far from laborious.

The highlight came after both kids helped themselves to apples and brought one for me too. As I sat semi-slumped on the floor with my back against an armchair, Oliver sat on my lap and lay his head back on my chest. Not to be left out, Lucy then lay on my legs with her head on Oliver’s tummy. The three of us lay there, like a toppled human totem-pole happily munching on our apples. It was bliss.

Not every afternoon with the kids while Hayley works will be that much fun, not least because it would me more satisfying for her to share in it, but as a way for me to indirectly help earn us some money, it’s got to be up there with selling refrigerators on MTV.

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