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The law of unintended consequences

July 24th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

Oliver has now reached a size where he is able to assert his indomitable right to a ritual known to all men and loathed by many women. Yes, he’s tall enough to easily stand up to pee into the toilet bowl and then (unintentionally you understand) forget to put the seat back down. Not that I encourage that latter part of course, amusing though it might be.

Unfortunately both the toilets in our house have had maladjusted seats that wouldn’t stand up unaided. So I rectified this yesterday and then encouraged Oliver to step up to the, erm, bowl, so to speak. I saw him successfully accomplish the operation without impact on carpet or other surrounding furniture and thereafter thought nothing of it.

Cut to this evening. Lucy has gone upstairs to the loo and finds the toilet seat left up. “No problem”, she must have thought, “I’ve seen how Oliver does it when it’s like this” and proceeds to hitch up her skirt and stand at the bowl attempting to pee. The result was predictable. Bless her. “I did it like Oliver”, she explained when I found the large damp patch in front of the bowl.

I have always told people “that girl would jump in the river if she saw Oliver do it”. It turns out there was a better example all along.


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