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The end of an era

July 28th, 2010 · 4 Comments · education, nursery, oliver, play, report, school

Today was Oliver’s last day of nursery. His pre-school days are effectively over.

I felt rather sad last night when I realised. I considered taking him there for the last time this morning, as I mentally counted the pitifully few times I had had the pleasure of escorting him. Once I walked with him as he rode his bike. Perhaps a handful of other times I drove him. His nursery hours this last academic year also meant I almost never picked him up either (unlike his first nursery where I collected him almost every Friday). But in the end I thought of Oliver’s own outlook when I had asked him if he was sad it was to be his last day. “Noooooo!” he said in a dismissive tone, as if I had just suggested he might want to watch paint dry.

He brought home his “Achievements Book”, a scrap book assembled through the year. We last saw it at Christmas and we were surprised at some of the things he had done and not mentioned, such as the visiting snake! We were also taken aback at some of his drawings, as rarely can he be persuaded to draw at home.

Perhaps most surprising, his report said how competent he was with a computer mouse. Doubtful about this, as he never uses it at home, Hayley put up the CBeebies website and told him to choose something for himself. At first he protested she should do it, but when left to his own devices, sure enough he swiftly selected something for himself. I do think he lets us do a lot for him that in truth he’s quite capable of doing himself. Perhaps it’s a boy thing. A friend told us recently she was getting her son dressed in the morning until he was eight!

So in a little over a month he will start his school life. And when he does he will have a few familiar faces around, as several of his nursery group are going to the same school. In fact he has already had one 90 minute visit to his future classroom to meet his teachers and some classmates-to-be. I dropped him off there quite happy with a couple of his (non-nursery) friends and he seemed to have enjoyed it when I picked him up later. Nothing much phases Oliver.

And I find that very reassuring. It is one thing that stands out from his end of pre-school report: he seems to be a happy and sociable boy. One phrase stood out for me: “he values the thoughts and feelings of others”. Frankly, as he enters an academic world overly focussed on tests and league tables, I can’t think of a more important outcome from his time as a pre-schooler.


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