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"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a Dad." ~Author Unknown

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Complete the following sentence…

September 24th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Fatherhood Friday, music, parenting, Uncategorized

We all love our kids. We work hard to raise them right. We take being parents seriously. And rightly so.

But for some of us, there comes a moment when we realize things have gone too far. The moment when you look at yourself and it suddenly dawns that perhaps you are one of “those” parents. You know the ones. The ones for whom parenting has become a little too all-consuming. The “uber-parents”, for whom the advice “must get out more” really would be the kindest thing.

Two weeks ago the hammer blow of reality hit me. I was that parent.

I’m sure there are many signs to tell you that you are in need of a little more grown-up time. Mine came while driving home from a great day out with the family, listening to an album by The Wiggles which my son had requested for the umpteenth time that day. As I cheerfully sang along I found myself thinking how good it was and looking forward to their next album.

And in my mind I heard the words “You know that parenting is taking over your life when you start looking forward to the next Wiggles album.”

So please console me by confessing your parenting sins. Please complete the following sentence. “I knew that parenting was taking over my life when…”

It would make me feel a whole lot better. Thank you.

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