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On the night-shift

November 2nd, 2010 · 3 Comments · illness, sleep

I have an important meeting this afternoon, so last night I obviously went to bed early on fluffed up pillows and slept the sleep of the just.

Not on your nelly.

I stayed up too late browsing twitter, mostly laughing at @sassiepiehole and working out if Stephen Fry was absent or deleted, before finally turning in around midnight for a good 7 hours of kip.

Unfortunately the Sleep Fairy had other plans, no doubt trying to do her 1667 words a day for her NaNoWriMo project entitled “Death of the Tooth Fairy”.

Some time later, Oliver woke. He complained of being itchy. I applied soothing cream to the many itchy areas before returning to bed.

Some time later, Oliver woke. He made no noise but was found in Lucy’s room looking lost. I think he may have been sleep-walking. I directed him to the loo before returning him and then myself to bed.

Some time later, Oliver woke. This time he was in a lot of pain. It seemed to be growing pains in his legs and feet. We gave him medicine, a hot water bottle and I cuddled up next to him and rubbed his legs until, after about 10 rather stressful minutes of listening to him cry out, he settled and fell asleep. I returned to bed.

Some time later, Oliver woke. This time I woke to find him next to the bed telling me his hands were “fizzy”. This is his description of what I’d call “pins and needles” and had no doubt come about because he had fallen asleep lying with his head on his hands. I put him back into his bed and rubbed his arms and hands. I was there quite a while, so long in fact that I started to wonder if I had misdiagnosed his problem.  Eventually he settled and I returned to bed.

Some time later… OK you get the picture. Oliver was still complaining of “fizzy hands” when I took him into the spare room where we both tried to go to sleep after I had instructed him on how to lie so he wouldn’t get pins and needles again. About an hour after this fizzy frenzy started, he was asleep.

I don’t know what time I fell asleep, but Lucy woke and wanted to get up at 5.50am. Five. Fifty. a.m. That’s pronounced “too damned early” in our house. She was dispatched and I got all of 20 minutes before Oliver awoke to greet the day, mostly by tossing and turning while I tried to get a last few minutes of shut-eye.

If Oliver feels half as tired as I do today his classmates are in for a grumpy day! But I do feel for the little man, especially with his growing pains. Hopefully they’ll soon pass.

So I’m off to my meeting later, where I shall be dynamic, thrusting, insightful… and mostly just trying not to fall asleep.


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  • SeattleDad

    I dread nights like that. Good luck staying awake.

  • radioactive tori

    I had a night like that the other night and while it totally wiped me out the next day, my son was fine. Kids bounce back a lot quicker than adults do I guess. I am actually STILL tired from that night of being up and I have slept a full night since then. Hopefully you get back on track more quickly than I do!
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    • Steve

      I'm not sure I get back on track quickly, it's more my body has learned to operate on insufficient sleep (even if my brain doesn't do so well). As you suggested, Oliver of course was fine the next day. He did fall asleep PDQ at bedtime though, which made a change!

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