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Oh Nora!

November 6th, 2010 · 1 Comment · hair, health, illness


When I went to school a nurse would visit. She would check us all for nits. Or fleas if you prefer. I don’t recall anything of what was done afterwards were the little creatures to be found, all I recall is what we called the kind lady who visited us and inspected our scalps: “Nitty Nora, Bug Explorer”.

Ah such happy memories. Or at least they were just memories until I became a father and my kids came into contact with the dreaded nits. It’s not like there’s much you can do to defend yourself. They like clean hair apparently and washing alone doesn’t get them out.

But why do I mention all this? Because recently a friend told us she had found bugs in both her kids hair – this information arriving after they had been playing at our house all afternoon. Ever since, Hayley, who absolutely hates the idea of nits, has been periodically scratching herself in a paranoid fashion.

To make sure it really is just paranoia, yesterday was a day of checking and treating our heads to ensure we are free of visitors. I’m told that the noxious smelling shampoos we used to be able to use are no longer deemed the best approach. The best you can do is to use tea tree shampoo and conditioner, then comb the wet hair with a nit comb.

Hayley and Lucy went direct to treatment without bothering to inspect Lucy, which is probably not a bad idea given they both have long hair. Meanwhile Oliver and I got away with just an inspection and were given the all clear.  Hayley also visited the friend who had sent us the original warning, as she has been battling to rid her children of them for a week with little success. So Hayley washed and combed her hair too to reassure her about her own situation.

So today we all have a clean bill of health and hair. But talking about it still makes me itch.


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  • Posh Totty

    I remember Nitty Nora from my school days too, we use Tea-Tree shampoo on little man and he has never had had a problem with nits luckily. The very thought of them does make you itch like crazy though.

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