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I rely on you (2)

November 10th, 2010 · 2 Comments · hayley, laughter, marriage, wedding

I have no idea why I decided to do this, but today’s post is an homage to the late great Hovis Presley, whose poem “I rely on you” was read at our wedding by fellow NaBloPoMo’er Scott. This morning as I got ready for work, I mentally added a few verses of my own which I hereby dedicate to my wife, for no other reason than she deserves to have something dedicated to her.

I Rely on You (2)

Like a sportsman needs a dinner,

Like a miskick needs a shinner,

Like car insurance ads need Michael Winner,

I rely on you, too.

Like flamenco needs a castanet,

Like Animal Rescue needs a faster vet,

Like City to win a trophy needs a vaster bet,

I rely on you, too.

Like a mystery needs a riddle,

Like march needs a Middle,

Like Hey needs a diddle and a diddle,

I rely on you, too.

Like a boxer needs a ring,

Like a frisbee needs a fling,

Like Chuck Berry needs someone to play with his dingaling,

I rely on you, too.

Like a plug needs a socket,

Like Lucy needs a locket,

Like Oliver needs an entirely unobtainable moon blaster rocket,

Truly, I rely on you, too.

Come on readers, add your own verses for your better halves, I know you want to!


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  • Delishus

    How can I resist?:)

    Like a broken arm needs plaster,
    Like a spag bol need some pasta,
    Like Lewis Hamilton needs to go faster,
    I rely on you (too)

    Like Mungo and Midge need Mary,
    Like a Xmas tree needs a fairy,
    Like Steve needs a dictionary*
    I rely on you (too)

    Like knitting needs nice wool,
    like ice lollies need to be cool,
    like Frou-Frou** needs her romantic fool,
    I rely on you (too)

    *homage, rescue … tsk 😛

    **couldn't not mention her – http://frou-frou.co.uk/

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