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I give you the Slog

November 19th, 2010 · No Comments · sleep

If there is one thing that parents can universally agree that they need more of, I’m guessing it’s sleep. This blog is peppered with posts about sleep: lack of sleep, getting kids to go to sleep, getting kids to stay asleep, getting no sleep whatsoever… you name it, if it’s about sleep you can be pretty sure it crops up somewhere in this blog.

This obsession reached a point where (probably one night as I lay awake) I invented a scoring system for sleep. here’s how it works.

Choose the 8 hours of the night when you should get your sleep, for example I choose 10pm til 6am.
For each of those 8 hour periods:
– score 1 point if you slept the whole hour
– score a bonus point if the hour was before midnight
– deduct half a point if you were awake for part of the hour, or deduct a whole point if you were awake the whole hour.

So if I went to bed at 10, was woken briefly at 1.30am and 3.30am, I would score 9 points. That’s 2 points for each hour before midnight, 1 point for the other hours apart from the two hours I woke when I lost half a point each.

I mentioned this scoring system to a colleague at work, which led to conversations like:
“You look a bit rough today.”
“Yeah, last night was a five pointer.”
Or on a good day
“Wow, you can’t beat getting the full 10 points”. (OK, I never get the full ten points, but I can dream.)

I even thought about having a mini blog for my sleep, a sleep log, a “slog”!

So tell me people – parents or otherwise – how are you scoring out there?


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