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November 26th, 2010 · 2 Comments · lucy, music, radio

It’s McFlyday!

Ah what a joy it is to say that. For the uninitiated, for some reason Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles renamed Friday to McFlyday and always plays their undeniably bouncy and uplifting song “Stargirl” on his show on Friday mornings. He played it as I drove to work this morning and I sang along with the volume cranked up. Ah yes, it’s good to confess.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the up side of having kids at 40. High on the list of positives is the fact that whereas a 13 year old Lucy would no doubt consider my singing a total embarrassment, my 3 year old Lucy doesn’t mind a jot.

Not that she is without opinions on my taste in music already. Next May I’ll be going to see the Canadian rock band Rush, a mere 30 years almost to the day after I first saw them. I put their “Snakes and Arrows” album into the car CD player this afternoon when Lucy and I went to pick up Oliver from school. Unfortunately, Lucy immediately requested that Twinkle Twinkle be re-instated as our music of choice. Oh well, maybe she’ll come round in a few years.

She then told me that we “haven’t got many good CDs” in my car. She’s right: I have one kids’ music CD at present. So this weekend I shall have to put together a stunning combo of They Might Be Giants,  Bare Naked Ladies, kids’ TV theme tunes… and maybe just a teeny weeny little track for myself, like, say the full length version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird”.

D’you think I’ll get away with it?


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  • jerrychicken

    This might work, or it might not work but this link, if it works, should lead to some suggestions for kids music… http://allthatcomeswithit.com/archives/1986

    When they were younger my two particularly liked my Squeeze Greatest Hits album because "Up the Junction" contains the line "although the room was smelly", we all used to sing it with great gusto.

    Now they are older I'm not sure if their music has any words in it at all, none that I can decipher anyway.

  • Delishus

    MCFLY????? MC??? FLY????

    Ye gods, man. Did you bang your head or something??


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