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I am not a geek (but I’m open to persuasion)

March 14th, 2011 · 6 Comments · biking, health, things to do with the kids, walking


Some are born to geekdom, others have to work at it. Despite writing software and wearing glasses, I assure you that I fall into the latter category. Here’s some proof.

  • Until I had Oliver to encourage me I had only watched the first Star Wars movie. And I never watched Star Trek after the first series.
  • I never did a Rubik’s cube. Never tried, never wanted to try.
  • I would rather change nappies blindfolded than read Lord of the Rings. (I couldn’t even get through the film, no matter how magnificent the scenery was.)

But I’ll confess to geeky tendencies, most recently when Dan’s article over at Ready For Ten prompted me to try my hand at Geo-caching. I won’t re-hash his rather decent introduction to this “game” that is played worldwide, except to say that it is a kind of treasure hunt (usually low-budget) using GPS.

Still lost as to the attraction? Well, for me it is a way to get the kids out and about. When you find a “Cache” of treasure you can swap items of similar value, such as toys. The kids can also get to learn a bit about geography and perhaps history, as some series of caches attempt to weave in a relevant local theme. It’s also an added incentive for me to to keep myself fit by getting out for a ride on my bike.

Some caches have no treasure, just a log-book to sign. I do find hunting these “micro” caches a bit too geeky. When pursuing such bounty, half of me enjoys the day out and the other half looks on with an expression of disgust and confusion in equal measure.

Even so, on a sunny Sunday afternoon such as yesterday, it maintains the interest to stop off every now and then to forage for a cache. Especially if it turns out to be one that I can secretly help the kids to “find” for themselves next time we are in that area.

I’m yet to take the kids out with me, but do check back sometime soon if you’d like to hear whether they were enthusiastic converts or just looked at Daddy like he was totally lame.

If you’d like to know more about Geo-caching, check out the Geo-caching.com website.



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