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BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic ice ‘disappearing quickly’

September 29th, 2005 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Arctic ice ‘disappearing quickly’

This research indicates that the rate at which the polar ice cap is melting means that there could be no sea ice in the Arctic by the summer of 2060.

I find this story quite terrifying when considered alongside other stories of climatic change such as the recent hurricanes and the potential for the Gulf Stream conveyer to stop.

We seem to be sleep-walking into a possible ecological disaster that will be impossible to undo. I can’t help thinking that when Oliver is grown up, all the other stories I have highlighted could look irrelevant and trivial alongside this one. And yet, despite a high placing in the news media, you can be certain that George W. Bush and his government will continue to block moves to address climate change, preferring instead to stick his head in the sand and worry about his precious economy…. as if that will survive global climate change! The degree of “short termism” in his thinking strikes me as breathtaking in its naivety and selfishness.


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