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And she’s off!

March 21st, 2011 · 8 Comments · bike, biking, hayley, islabike, lucy, video, wheels

Last week, with a little help from Mummy, Lucy got straight up and running on a proper bike at the first attempt. She had been pestering Hayley all morning to let her have a go and when she got her chance she took it with some aplomb. So she is riding at exactly 3 years 7 months!

I’d like to claim this is down to my cycling supergenes or my matchless coaching skills, but no. It’s down to a combination of the excellence of Islabikes and my daughter’s downright determination and general tendency to want to do everything her big brother can do. She has been delighted and proud ever since the first exhilerating moments (captured above) and was so thrilled to tell her teacher at nursery today.

She has inherited her brother’s old Cnoc 14 and seems very happy with it, which is a blessing as I’d been planning on selling it to buy her a new bike. It seemed harsh not to buy her new when Oliver had new, but if she’s happy with it, I’m more than happy, especially in the current financial climate!

Well done little Lady. Now if I can just teach you to start and stop, I will no longer need to chase after you for the duration of every visit to the park.

2011-03-18 17.25.24
A very proud girl riding her bike.


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  • Jessi

    Pretty amazing. Brynna still won't let me take hers off.
    My recent post The Inside-Outside Catch 22

    • Steve

      To be fair, it's all been down to her using a balance bike, so she never had stabilisers. One of the few choices I can say I definitely got right as a parent!

  • Seattledad

    That's awesome. Lukas is about the same age, and we are looking for a pedal bike for him. What are it's deminsions? And how tall is she? Everything here seems to be still to tall for him. The frame looks low to the ground, which is what we need.

    • Steve

      James, Follow the Cnoc 14 link above and then on the resulting Islabike page click the sizing chart link on the right. It tells you all you need to know. Their bikes are matchless in my opinion, specifically designed for kids. It’s a UK company so I’m not sure about shipping costs to US – their website says to contact them on that.

    • Steve

      (I replied to this last night from my phone but it seems to have got lost in the wires!)
      If you follow the Cnoc 14 link above, on the resulting Islabikes page you will see a Sizing Chart link on the right. That tells you all you need to know. The company is UK based. Shipping US locations is available on request from the company.
      My recent post And she’s off!

  • Tara

    Agree! Isla bikes rule…….Kira absolutely loves hers & recommended to all our friends. 3 have purchased so far! Trying to put Fred off until Kira fits on the next frame size- but don't think we'll be able to.
    Toby faced with trying to keep Fred's balance bike rideable despite serious crashes, dodgy handlebars and squeaky wheels. He rode straight into a lamp post last week and unfortunately wet himself in shock!

    • Steve

      Ouch! I saw him out with Toby. I don't think Toby noticed us as he was busy shepherding Fred. I can see why if he's fond of ramming lamp-posts!

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