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Out and about

April 3rd, 2011 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

My dabbling with Geocaching continues, primarily to get the kids out and about. Last weekend I took Oliver to a chache that I knew had some good stuff in it, only to find someone had been and taken most of it a few days before! A rookie mistake not to check the logs. Nonetheless he enjoyed the hunt and came away with a tiny water-pistol for his troubles. Oh, and got to go on the nearby funfair.



Yesterday I took Lucy to hide the Squirrel “travel bug” that I picked up recently on a solo cache hunt. She was totally up for the trip, mostly as it was to be on the tag-a-long bike. In fact she was in a fabulously enthusiastic mood all day, a little bundle of excitement and joy.


So while Oliver stayed home and coloured in some X-men pictures, Lucy and I headed off to the nearby “Baby Blues” cache on Heaton Mersey common. Once there, we sneaked to the spot where the cache was hidden – making sure we were out of sight from the uninitiated – and retrieved the cache. After inspecting the contents, Lucy placed our little squirrel friend inside and we replaced it.


Then we took a leisurely ride home past the horses by the river and even found time to say hello to friends Lottie and Isabel before reaching our final destination: a rendezvous with Hayley and Oliver at Cafe Soleil for a tuna melt panini, which Lucy loved! All in all, an absolutely beautiful afternoon.



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  • Dan


    We'll make an addict out of your family yet. All it will take now is finding some with a similar number of cache finds to yourself to have a pointless yet entertaining feud with about who can find the most caches.

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