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The AV referendum

May 5th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Ok, I promised to write eloquently on this but I’m too lazy busy. So I give you three reasons to vote Yes today.

1. It may be “a grubby little compromise”, but AV is still more representative and therefore (in my opinion) more democratic than FPTP. Instead of electing governments for whom only 30% expressed a preference, representatives must now be chosen by at least 50%. Take this explanation I found today including its splendid dining out analogy!
“The point is everyone gets a chance to vote for a party that they are prepared to be governed by in the top 2 or 3 shoot out if they choose. I might love the monster raving loonies and wish they won. I can vote for them. I can also make a grown up decision and indicate if MRL can’t govern me who is the best of the rest that I would compromise and live with.
No campaigners like to focus on the running race analogy – too simplistic for me-  I’d like to think about it as 10 mates going for a night out.
3 want Indian

2 Mexican

2 Chinese

2 Thai

1 fish and chips
FFTP would mean you would all go Indian. It could well be the other 7 would rather cut off their left nad than get a curry but all 7 of them love Mexican*, it just so happens 2 like Chinese, 2 Thai and 1 F&C even more. In reality that group of mates would talk it through, compromise and go mexican – it’s the meal most of them would be happy to live with. Of the systems on offer AV gets closer to that result than FPTP.
* equally likely that enough of them like Indian enough for that to be the meal of choice too.”

2. It’s the only chance of considering PR at some point in the future. Vote No and the issue will be kicked into the long grass for at least a generation. Guaranteed. Because FPTP will be seen as getting a vote of approval.

3. Vote No and you can expect Tory governments much more often. Will Hutton explains better than I can.

If I haven’t persuaded you, there’s lots of good debate on the web, even at the font of all knowledge that is SingletrackWorld.com’s forum.

Hopefully you will find something to make up your mind. And hopefully to vote Yes.


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