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Blasts from their Pasts

August 16th, 2011 · 5 Comments · lucy, music, oliver

Tonight before the kids went to bed, I told them I would play them the songs that remind me of each of them the most and they had to guess which was theirs. To help hold their attention I found Youtube clips of each song.

Oliver guessed the first was his. Lucy abstained.

Oliver was right, though his reasoning was somewhat off – that because a man was singing it, then that song must be for him. (In fact men sing both songs.) When we played Lucy’s song she was rather unimpressed, but I think that was more to do with the video being rather abstract.

So here they are. Both songs take me straight back to when each of my little ones was a mere bump.

This one is Oliver’s.

And here is Lucy’s.

Despite the deep emotions these songs stir within me, I managed to restrict my emotional outpourings to giving them both a big hug and telling them how much I loved them… only to spoil it all by rambling at length about the meaning of their final video of the evening, Oliver’s favourite, where “the whites keep going, don’t they Daddy” as Lucy put it.


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