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Save the world or save your kids?

October 1st, 2006 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

We’re in the process of moving house and one of the first considerations when choosing where to move was a good local school. Consequently we’ve really stretched ourselves to buy the place we want.

As a result I will have to stop my monthly charitable donations. I’ve been making these for years and have always thought that if a self-confessed middle-class, middle-aged man like me can’t donate something then who can. But now I find myself abandoning these charities in the name of my son.

And similar choices go on daily. I find myself putting the Fairtrade and re-cyclable goods back on the shelf on the grounds that they are “just too expensive”.

So my message to any twenty- or thirty-somethings out there is this: accrue your brownie points early and hope you’ve done enough to avoid bad karma by the time you have a mortgage that feels heavier to carry than your one-year-old after 5 miles.


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  • Reservoir Mog

    Bet you anything that Oliver will be the sort of kid who’ll be forever signing up for sponsored events, so you’ll still be supporting things for years yet. I’ll keep an eye out for his first sponsored ride of the Great Wall of China:)

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