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First go on the Islabike

July 31st, 2007 · No Comments · islabike

On my Islabike

This evening we took Oliver to the park and showed him his surprise: a new bike. I unveiled it with great import and ceremony (from under our picnic blanket).

What could this be?!

“Bike!”, was his predictable reaction as he eagerly took up the reigns (well, handlebars).


He then proceeded to waddle across the grass.

He continued this way down the full length of the park, mostly walking but occasionally sitting down when encouraged to do so.

First hundred yards completed

It was only when we got to the playground that we hit two problems. Firstly, he showed an alarming similarity to his Mummy when riding: he wasn’t keen on hills!

Oh no.... hills!

And secondly by this time – almost his bedtime – he was showing signs of getting tired and became easily frustrated. This wasn’t helped by the enthusiastic uptake of his new machine by two toddler friends of his who just happened to be at the same park with their parents who delighted in their offspring toddling their first few steps on two wheels as much as Oliver disapproved. (Which was quite a lot.)

But all in all it was not a bad start considering he is not yet two years old (the recommended minimum age). I reckon that he needs a few more weeks or months to get the requisite balance and strength to roll around on it while seated as confidently as he does on more stable trikes and push-alongs. Time will tell. As long as he enjoys it, we’ll be happy.


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