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Day and night, up and down

September 20th, 2008 · No Comments · lucy, oliver

Lucy had her MMR jab a couple of days ago. She took it well at the time but has been restless the last couple of nights. That could also be down to a change in her diet. We ran out of SMA-LF and risked giving her a bottle of cow’s milk as she has been eating more dairy recently. A mistake maybe.

Meanwhile Oliver has woken two nights running saying “my face hurts”. I can’t tell if it is an earache or more likely a toothache. I hope it’s not the latter but we’ve had to give him Calprofen both nights. Both times it seemed to do the trick. I’m sure he wasn’t acting up either because I’d get him out of bed for a reassuring cuddle and then he’d ask to go back to bed, only to find he was still in pain and, confused, would ask to get out again. Poor little guy.

Daytimes have been a bit happier. Oliver is enjoying nursery and stayed for lunch for the first time on Friday. Apparently he got to sit next to his friend Callum and ate lots of sausage casserole. Meanwhile I was downstairs from him at the “opportuniy group” with Lucy. She led me around from the sandpit to the painting but mostly to the slide and trampoline. We had a great time. (And it gave Mummy a couple of hours to sort out Oliver’s clothes and re-organise his wardrobe. Great job Mummy!)

Afterwards we picked up Oliver from upstairs. “That’s my Daddy”, Oliver proclaimed to his teacher when I was standing there to collect him. He was then Mr Hyperactive. Full of laughter and playfulness. Great fun.

Today was harder going. Perhaps because of last night’s disruption. Lucy ended up in our bed, so I ended up in the spare room where Oliver was temporarily in with me but then moved back to his own bed at his request. Whatever the reason, Oliver was not on best behaviour to start with today, changing his mind about everything and whingeing into the bargain, eventually descending into outright defiance and tantrums. Hayley had to take Lucy ahead to Alberto’s party while I persuaded Oliver to be a good boy.

Once there he played mostly alone or with me or Hayley, occasionally playing with a couple of other kids. He didn’t know most of them. And once again the bouncy castle held no attraction for him, though Lucy did have a little go and quite enjoyed it!


Afterwards we went for something to eat – 95% of Alberto’s party food was meat-based! – and to meet our friend Babs. Oliver was on much better behaviour throughout, waiting patiently in the Travel Agents as we enquired about weddings overseas (all options are still being kept open as the price of a UK wedding seems to keep on escalating!) Then he sat and ate his lunch before playing with some toys whilst sitting on a sofa between me and Hayley. A cheery chappy.


Afterwards I took the kids to the park while Hayley had a few minutes peace to chat to Babs. Oliver rode his bike there while Lucy got a ride in the Bush Baby back-pack. Once there we had a lovely hour in the sunshine.

Tonight Hayley is at the cinema with the girls seeing a chick flick I’ve never heard of. Meanwhile Lucy has already woken once. Off to bed for me then, it could be one of those nights.


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