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BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Game consoles to keep elderly fit

November 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments · bbc, news

BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Game consoles to keep elderly fit

As the winter wind bites and my bike remains unridden in the garage, I wonder whether our own home should install this life-enhancing system. (It might help work off those love handles anyway.)


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  • Alice

    A few of my friends and my older brother owns the Nintendo Wii. Its pretty fun. There’s this one game called “Wii Fit”. Which is a board you stand on and you basically have to balance, bend, and stretch your body according to the game (it’s not as easy as it may seem) It’s much like doing yoga 😉 However, if you prefer a more “masculine” game, there’s also these other games called “Guitar Hero” and “Rockband” (which has a great selection classic and modern rock music btw). The game comes with a guitar, drum set, and a mic. The principle of the game is you play along with the band and you have to hit the right keys at the right moment. This is a VERY popular game in the U.S. Oh… and there are also games targeted for preschoolers too =-D (my brother used my 4 year old niece as an excuse to his wife to buy the game console… lol)

  • Steve

    Alice, He used his 4 year old as an excuse to buy a Wii? Goodness how unspeakable…. (blush)! 😉

    Guitar hero is very popular here too. My nephew is a wizz at it. But if he spent half the time he spends on Guitar Hero actually playing a real guitar, then he could be a guitar hero in real life.

    The Wii Fit sounds like a good idea. We’ve talked about buying it before. I’d just prefer to think we’ll get fit by going outdoors. But looking at the British weather perhaps I’m kidding myself.

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