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"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a Dad." ~Author Unknown

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About Me

My name is Steve. A father in the north-west of England, I am recording my journey through family life. Originally a story about becoming a first-time father-to-be at the age of forty, five years on I have two children, one wife and zero chance of a Pulitzer Prize.

About the blog

This is a blog that welcomes fathers of all ages, creeds, cultures and persuasions. All sharing a common quest… to be a Dad. We are also very hospitable to Mums. In fact we need all the help we can get, so feel free to pitch in whoever you are!

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Why “To be a Dad”?

The old blog, “Life Begins…”, was very much focussed on journaling my life as a new father and nothing more. I had other blogs for other aspects of my life. This blog is more all-encompassing. Being a Dad is more than just about changing nappies or bringing home the bacon. It’s about the whole man, especially as your kids grow and look to you for an example. I may not move mountains, but hopefully my kids will look back and get a true picture of our life and of me.

Techie Stuff

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Nothing much to disclose. No-one ever pays me for my opinion and if I ever think I may have benefited even indirectly when offering an opinion I will make it clear. There is one exception: I feel free to promote my wife’s business because otherwise she’ll steal the duvet and put her cold feet on me in bed. (And anyway, I happen to think she’s great at what she does.)

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